Data Management Services and Visualization

Infogenx offers Best Data Management Solutions with ‘Intelligence-First’ principle at the core and advocates true ‘Data Democracy’. The solutions facilitate easy storage, linkage, traceability, and retrieval of data across the data-lifecycle. They allow enterprise processes to access data in a secure environment. Our solutions cover a broad spectrum, including Data Governance, Data Architecture & Design, Data Ingestion, Data Preparation, Data Storage & Indexing, and Data Consumption.

Data Governance

Establish governance models on data ownership and stewardship to ensure single-source-of-truth. Frame best-in-class policies for collecting, storing, integrating, accessing, and analyzing data.

Data Architecture & Design

Support clients in implementing robust processes and procedures to collect data by defining proper fields and layers and storing it in a secure and accessible form for supporting business processes.

Data Ingestion

Integrate multi-structured data from different sources including enterprise systems, free text documents, portals & websites and social media.


Data Preparation

Focus on data unification and develop solutions for migrating, curating, integrating, and organizing data to make it ready for Data Mining and Pattern Analysis.

Data Storage & Indexing

Configure and define data flow for scalable Data Storages and Data Lakes. These are built on cost effective storage devices and underpinned by advanced metadata tags for seamless retrieval.


Data Consumption

Support mining of historical and related data sets to derive high value business insights using different methods, including Data Visualization/Business Intelligence, Predictive Data Analytics/ Data Science and Text Analytics/ Pattern Mining/ Prescriptive Analytics.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing solutions help businesses consolidate relevant information from disparate sources in a singular data repository. Our data visualization tools enable managers to get quick and actionable insights. The solutions provide in-built scalability for handling complex analytical workloads and voluminous data.Infogenx has also invested in a Data Warehousing application from IBM PureData System for Analytics, which is hosted in its data centre in USA. We offer clients the application on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) mode.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is nothing but a technology-driven process, of course, for analyzing the data as well as presenting the actionable information to help the executives, managers and also such as other corporate end users to make informed decisions of business. It does encompass a very many tools, applications as well as methodologies that enable the organizations to collect the data from the internal systems as well as the external sources, and we at Infogenx prepare such a collection for analysis, to develop and run queries against such data, and create reports,dashboards as well as data visualizations to make the perfect analytical results available to corporate decision-makers and operational workers: and it is all for your rapid business needs and growth. 

As data stores have all grown in size, variety as well as complexity, it has all become all the more vital that organizations develop very much as a clear strategy to address the data, of course.A good data strategy is not at all really about data, but it’s all about what your business wants to accomplish, and how data can all help you get there, so to say. Executing the strategy does ensure that all the data resources are positioned in such a way that they can all be used, shared as well as moved easily, cozily and efficiently.There is a variety of impacting factors in developing a sensible data strategy, including current maturity of the organization, its operating model, talent and its investment potential above all.

Infogenx’s Data Strategy can help your organization build for sure a functional data strategy vastly. Infogenx has got its experienced professionals with more than 16 years of Data Strategy and Business consulting experience. At Infogenx we adopt Design-Thinking centered approach which is as a unique model in consulting as to determine your real as well as practical business needs, and then develop such a plan of action for your path towards accomplishing a striking competitive advantage. 

Tuning Production Strategies

The product strategies can all be so well and so much tuned by repositioning the products as well as maintaining the product portfolios by comparing the sales quarterly or yearly.

Our Capabilities towards DATA STRATEGY AND ROADMAP

Data driven decision making is, nowadays, becoming the new way of administering a business, which requires a clear vision as well as a well-thought-out plan towards developing the essential basics.Data science is a brand new field and companies such as with no or limited prior experience in big data and analytics can all be really exposed to many risks rather. We are a digital age company that has been focused purely on building the data and analytics capabilities for our customers with all the utmost dedication. Our experts aren’t mere but the ones that are as with multiple years of experience in developing and executing strategic plans for our customers with all the potential efficiency. We can help you and your organization with recognizing the right technology platform, operating model and really bring about a cultural change towards becoming a truly data driven, information centered organization.

Database Administration

The technological advancements have opened the floodgates for innumerable data volumes to flow into the system rather. With this high data amount pouring in from different resources in many formats, it becomes all a critical task for organizations to store, process and as well manage this data. And thus more so in today’s data driven world, wherein it has become the key indeed towards a unique business success.

Choosing the Apt Database

In search of creating a successful database management system, you need to meticulously find out a strategy in arranging with the data requirements and your organization’s business roadmap, so to say. Nowadays, with numerous database options feasible in both open and closed source database categories, it is all essential inevitably to select a database solution as per the volume as well as variety.

SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) has all so much culminated or resulted into a data explosion and every second, large measure of the data is all being generated by means of a widespread network of data sources such as images, graphs, hyper-text, documents, etc. NoSQL does form the bedrock for big data as well as analytics, which does confirmedly enable the organizations to make highly-instructed strategic decisions.

Our Clear Cut Solutions

With our solutions we are so much perfect or clear cut. Being one of the most sought out as well as adored ‘Database Management Services’ providers for over decades, we do loftily offer the best-in-class services to some of India’s and overseas’ leading companies. Our team of experts possesses in-depth understanding of both the open as well as closed source databases, and helps you implement best-suited solutions very successfully and all so towards your organizational requirements as well as business goals. In these times of data-driven businesses, we are well balanced to address the new age data management needs and necessities to leverage, of course, the big data and analytics. Thus we are all agog with our clear cut solutions for you.

We are the assured

  • Expertise as across SQL as well as NoSQL databases
  • Multi-platform expertise as even to advice on implementing the best-suited service
  • SLA defined support in order to ensure highest availability such as 24×7 monitoring
  • Availability of on-demand DBA resource for the sake of the continued project management
  • End-to-End project responsibility in quest of ensuring the minimizing the data loss, as well as ensuring the data security and recovery
  • Team enabling all quick & informed decision-making with the efficient data processing
  • Team to accomplish for you the most enhanced business efficiency – with data consolidation, resulting in streamlined business processes as well as increased ROI
  • And ours is a company that has very much improved its database performance & ensured rather very high availability using Oracle Exadata
  • And Infogenx has left no stone unturned.

Our services are as follows

  • Architectural Design
  • Administration as well as Monitoring
  • Performance Tuning
  • Patch Management as well as Security Management
  • Backup as well as Recovery Management
  • Database Up gradation as well as Migration